Top 5 Tips to Safe Your Data on Social Media

5 Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

Since the Facebook data leak issue, people can now see privacy policy on various social media forums and manage more security in their account settings. In fact, allegations of misuse of data are appearing on social sites, but for that we are also not less responsible.

Social media websites already take our consent regarding the user’s information and they can be used to improve the quality of the content. But when we are making an account on the social media, then we can read without any agreements, tie the agreement on it, and go ahead and the information asked is brutal.

Talking about Facebook, we fall into so much greed that they themselves do not hesitate to provide their information to the third party. Let us know how our greed leads us to third parties.

Do not fall in love with offer

To know the future, read the horoscope and do not resort to any application on Facebook. It is often seen that people share Facebook on some apps, which tell you when your good time is going to start, when are you going to be rich, who is your closest friend, what kind of celebrity you are, When you die or what were you in the past life After seeing the results of the front without considering the people, they sit by clicking on it to find out about themselves and this is where the difficulties start. The app will tell you that unless you share it, you will see this result but it has been done with the details that you have taken to show you the result.

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Caution by clicking on Add or Likes

Not only this, even when you click on a particular ad on Facebook, your data goes to those companies. For example, if you have been hired on pizza with frequent likes, most of the Pizza Ed will appear on your Facebook Wall. Not only this, the data that you eat in the pizza or sit in another restaurant and update the status of enjoying food, also works for the companies and you get the same offers related to it. Not only this, if you keep updating the roaming status, you will also see ads for travel sites.

Do not make your profile more updated

Even though you have created your profile when you created your account, advertising companies keep an eye on you. They know how much your monthly income is and how much you can spend on living, how much you roam, and how many movies you can see. That’s why you see their related ad on your wall. Not only this, you will not only get related ads but also various types of posts such as articles and videos.

Be aware about third party apps

Experts have warned about the risks associated with the third party i.e. the external app in the smartphone dispute concerning theft of Facebook users’ information. Experts believe that such third-party apps on the smartphone need to be careful about the level of access, because such an app can access sensitive information from users to cyber criminals. For example, many games ask users to access their friend list or read text messages for permission. The question arises as to what a game app has to do with someone’s address book. Usually people do not pay attention to it but this can have a great adverse effect.

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Although Facebook has said that it is serious about protecting the data of the people and has also apologized for this leak by advertising advertisements in US and UK, but people need to understand that if a website gives us all the things free Even if we are giving in, we are its customers and the customer has to pay the price later.

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