Travel to Open the Mind to New Experiences & Cultures

There are lots of ways to get a buzz about life in general, but one of the best ways to expand your mind is to truly experience travel. When you go abroad, it’s totally different to traveling in your home country. Different countries are filled with unusual experiences and often a wildly different culture.

Different Cultures for a Changing World View

Some Americans deliberately watch the BBC and other international news channels to see the world through different eyes than traditional US media. The same goes for traveling and becoming immersed in another culture. The way local people talk and interact along with their set of expectations is very new. At first, this is difficult to wrestle with, but it is also an interesting challenge to adapt as you go.

Getting Completely Out of Your Comfort Zone

We live in our cozy comfort zones. The older we get, the more we do not like to try new things, explore ourselves, or deal with changing circumstances. This is not good as a human being because life is full of change and remaining adaptable is a key survival skill in the urban jungle just as much as in a real one.

Travel, especially outside of five-star hospitality, is real, vibrant, dynamic and unpredictable by its very nature. Eating locally and walking around to see what little stores and businesses are operating nearby exposes you to interesting experiences that a trip to Disneyland just won’t do. Sure, it’ll have some thrills, but that’s not the same thing at all.

Seeing How Other People Live Makes You Appreciate Your Life

Not everyone lives like we do in the Western world. Many make do on just a few dollars a day. They live in basic accommodation, consume simple food and don’t have access to all the mod cons. When seeing how other people exist, it gives one pause for thought.

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When getting back to basics by visiting and staying with a rural hill tribe or just hanging out with real locals by getting out of the tourist spots, you see how people really live in other places. Away from the big brand hotels and glitz, many local communities live quite differently. Seeing and having a chance to interact with local people – not the tour guide – makes you appreciate what you have back home.

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Traveling is personally enriching in many ways, especially when you get off the beaten path and avoid the typical tourist traps. Then the world’s your oyster and it becomes far more enjoyable.

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