Top Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples

These decorated bedrooms are especially dedicated for couples. For you that maybe you are looking for an environment that transmits you to light the flame of love and promote the relationship as a couple, these ideas can help you to achieve it.


The most representative colors to create a romantic setting is the pink and red that we can usually use as a decorative accent such as cushions, candles, curtains, bedspreads. But for an intense scenario, red is used as the main color on the walls, headboard and so on. So we also see the black color, which brings elegance and seduction, therefore, we see many designs that introduce this tone in small doses and in balance.


For those who seek to achieve a dramatic change in the room and that permanently becomes a nest of love, the bed is the perfect setting and becomes the center of attention where we can include a canopy, a wrought iron bed, round or wood with poles to the sides. The curved details in a romantic furniture are suggestive, as they seem to have the shape of a woman’s body.


Lighting is very important to create a warm, relaxing and romantic feeling. Therefore, you can enter yellow lights instead of white with a beautiful lamp or hanging chandelier.

Decorative Accessories:

For specific moments or moments, do not forget to include aromatic candles in white, red or pink colors. Like the petals of roses on the bed, a tray with drinks and soft music. In this way all our senses will be involved and it will be easier to leave aside the distractions and worries of the day to day.

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For the bed area, a bed set with skirts that surround the entire bottom of the bed. Decorative cushions of your choice that combine with your current decoration. Soft and comfortable bedding.

Bedroom Interior design ideas, inspiration with pictures

Some try to disguise, but others have no qualms about showing their sweetest vein. These bedrooms show that, to romantics, nobody wins.

Being romantic, it’s not being corny! Let’s get rid of these prejudices. Romanticism is tenderness and sweetness, but also passion and the pursuit of beauty in everything that surrounds us. And these above bedrooms, of romanticism, know Latin.

Soft tones that invite you to relax, details that add charm to the decoration, the delicacy of the flowers … These bedrooms know all the tricks to add romance and conquer their owners night after night.


A bath of warmth

A bath of warmth. Toasted colors and natural fibers add warmth to this sunny bedroom. Detarima tropical wood flooring,

Sweet rustic

Sweet rustic. The furniture in raw, the light wood and the patterned buti wood create a rustic bedroom in a very romantic style.

Provencal style

Provencal style. Blue and white: a very fresh and country combination at the same time. Bed, Dresser and white chair. Courtan. Bedside table. Pavement of bleached wood.

Very feminine

Very feminine. In oak wood in shades of pink, the four-poster bed acquires a very feminine air.  Table lamps, in Interior Design.

In curved shapes

In curved shapes. Bed made to measure with canopy. It allows to wind fabrics that give a very romantic air. Furniture under window.

A large canopy

A large canopy  A large canopy covers and protects the bed. The blue colors evoke the sea that is seen from the window. Armchair and bench at the foot of the bed, in Rialto Living. Bedside table and table lamp, in Sleeping Company.

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To the heat of the fireplace

To the heat of the fireplace. Ceiling in light blue-gray tone. Bed upholstered in linen and curtains, in Estuco Interiors.

With living room and reading area


Vintage touches

Vintage touches. Headboard designed by Torredálbiz Interiorismo, with Becara fabric. Bedside tables, in Casa de Abastos. Lamps apply Tolomeo, by Artemide, in Biosca & Botey. Ceiling lamp in the Stores of the Farm. Mirror, by Laura Ashley.

Small and decorated to the detail

Small and decorated to the detail.  Headboard, bedside table, table lamp, Curtains and linen blinds

With anteroom

With anteroom. Armchair upholstered with Albury linen. Auxiliary table, In the background, bed, of Coco-mat; canopy, secreter and bank, in Little house; mirrors, Carpets.

The bedroom of an old rectory

The bedroom of an old rectory.  Model bed Llamas and tables Perpignan model, by Becara, in the studio of Mónica Garrido. Cortinas, by Jardin D’ulysse Spain. Ikea wool rug.

Guest room

Guest room.  Iron bed and bench, in El Corte Inglés.  Armchair with grid and night table in painted wood, in Amber. Cortinas, by Gastón and Daniela. Table lamp, in Côté Soleil. Iron wall lamp, in Canterano.

Canopy beds, white with dusty tones, warm light wood, vintage pieces, a charming chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, wrought iron bed structures … These are some of the elements that get the most romantic vein in the bedroom. Discover them all in the gallery.


Tips that Feel Couples for an Extra Relax

  • Think of your favorite colors: combine them with dexterity and keep in mind that it should be a place of relaxation, so do not choose them very strident.
  • If you have space, think about what other functions you can give it: incorporate a reading corner, an office …
  • To give it personality, choose a piece with a lot of presence, like a four-poster bed or, simply, decorate with small details: frames, photos, flowers …
  • And get your space very fluffy: cushions, rugs, canopies … The bedroom should be a place that welcomes you with open arms.
  • Now it’s your turn to conquer your bedroom, awaken your most romantic side and fill it with these details that will turn it into a space as charming as those in our gallery.
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