Top 30 World Travel Awards winner Tourist Destinations of 2017

The World Travel Awards , also known as the ‘Oscars of Tourism’, award each year the best destinations, cities, hotels, airlines, companies and tourist destinations in the world in more than 100 categories … But as we do not have space for all, in Unique style we have selected the ‘Top 30’ most representative.

The last 10th of December were awarded the World Travel Awards 2017… Or, in other words, the Oscars of World tourism. The 24th edition of these awards-which began to be awarded in 1993-has a myriad of categories: destinations, resorts, companies, airlines, organizations…

But of course, there are so many those in Unique Code we have made a selection of the Top 30 that any traveler and / or tourist should take into account for their future trips. A selection with the best of the best of world tourism in 2017.

These are the 30 most outstanding categories of the Tourism Oscars. Some prizes, unfortunately, have left out Spain among the selected. At least it is the perfect excuse to discover the world. Come and see…

#1. Best Destination 2017: Portugal

Our brother country has risen as the best tourist destination in 2017 at the World Travel Awards 2017. It is a feat, as Portugal has imposed itself on such diverse destinations as the United States, Brazil, Greece, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand … And also to Spain. And it is that Portugal has been striving for years to become a tourist destination of the first order. In fact, Parques de Sintra has risen, for the third consecutive time, as the Best Conservation Company in the world, Madeira has become the Best Island and Lisbon is the Best City City-Break (for a break, come …). It is clear that Portugal is no longer a secondary destination.


#2. Best City 2017: St. Petersburg (Russia)

With the proximity of the next World Cup, Russia will again become a fashionable destination in 2018. St. Petersburg, in fact, won two Oscar Tourism Best Cultural Destination and the present one, the Best City. It is true that winter is not the best time to visit it, but  St. Petersburg has everything and a rich history and heritage to corroborate it . The best example is the Winter Palace, intact despite the Russian Revolution.


#3. Best Hotel 2017: The Oberoi Udaivilas , Udaipur (India)

The Oberoi chain stands out for its luxury hotels throughout India, but also has establishments in Indonesia, Egypt or Mauritius … But the case that concerns us is the exclusive  The Oberoi Udaivilas . A wonder located in the heart of India with all the comforts and luxuries imaginable. In this 5 star you can learn dance , take cooking classes with the chef , ride a camel or even elephant, as well as crossings in skikara  (a typical boat from India) in Lake Pichola … By the way, another hotel Oberoi rose as the best in the world among the top 25 luxury hotels of 2017 .

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#4. Best Tourist Attraction in the World 2017: Machu Picchu (Peru)

The historic Inca city of Machu Picchu keeps intact its tourist pull year after year. Without a doubt, it is the main tourist attraction in Peru (it is the main motivation to get to know the country). In 2016, Machu Picchu received 1.4 million visitors and its growth rate is 6% in the last five years. With 98% positive reviews on TripAdvisor,  Machu Picchu transcends the purely tourist to become an unparalleled experience, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 1983.

Best Beach Destination 2017: Galapagos Islands , Ecuador

The Archipelago of Columbus , better known as the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), has been voted the Best Beach Destination 2017 in the World Travel Awards. The set of islands is a World Heritage Site since 1978 and receives some 200,000 tourists a year, attracted by the enormous biodiversity of its fauna and flora. Ecuador, in fact, has boosted ecological tourism in the country in recent years, also winning the Tourism Oscar for Best Eco Destination 2017. The archipelago, located more than 600 kilometers from the mainland, is also known as the Islands delighted . Perhaps the greatest charm of its beaches is being able to share them with the sea lions or penguins that frequent them.


Best Island to Travel 2017: Madeira

As we said, Portugal has been in the World Travel Awards and proof of this is the Prize for the Best Island to Travel 2017. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is located about 850 km. of Lisbon, so it has its own idiosyncrasies. Of obligatory visit are the cliffs of Cabo Girão and Ponta de São Lourenço, the town of Santana and stroll and enjoy the historic center of the capital, Funchal.

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Best City City-Break 2017: Lisbon (Portugal)

The Best City for a Getaway (or  city-break ) in 2017 is Lisbon. And with reason . The Portuguese capital has several conditions that make it perfect for a weekend: it is not too big, it has a myriad of activities and places to discover (the cathedral, the tram, the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém cakes, the elevator of Santa Justa, the Belém tower …).


Best Cultural Destination 2017: Bolivia

Bolivia won the 2017 Best Cultural Destination award at the World Travel Awards. An award that recognizes the cultural heritage of a country composed, according to his own words of “36 cultures, nations and indigenous peoples, native, peasants and Afro-Bolivians recognized since 2006”. The people of Bolivia are its greatest heritage, although we cannot forget other attractions such as Lake Titicaca, Salar de Uyuni or Madidi Park.


Best Cultural City 2017: Saint Petersburg (Russia)

St. Petersburg not only won the Tourism Oscar for Best City to visit in 2017, but also as the Best Cultural City. A double prize that has its explanation in the amount of museums that the city has: a total of 250! In fact, the St. Petersburg tourism website defines it as the Cultural Capital . Not in vain the first museum and the first monument of Russia were inaugurated in this beautiful city located on the Neva river. Of course the Hermitage Museum, located in six unique locations (the Winter Palace, the Theater, the Menshikov Palace …) is an unmissable visit.


Best Culinary Destination 2017: Peru

Three Peruvian restaurants are on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in the World published by The Gourmet Journal each year . A fact with which it is easier to explain why Peru is worthy of the Tourism Oscar for Best Culinary Destination 2017 … For the sixth consecutive year! To this we must add that, according to a study by its tourism office, 82% of travelers who visit Peru consider the country as a gastronomic destination. It is not for less, the Peruvian gastronomy is an amalgam of cultures, with pre-Columbian reminiscences and its colonial past, in addition to a splendid future. The country’s biodiversity also makes it an enviable natural offer. In Peru they were domesticated tomatoes, cassava, quinoa, squash, elderberries, beans, peanuts, potatoes or corn; among other species.


Best Adventure Destination 2017: Chile

Chile is in luck this 2017. At your choice as the best country to travel through Lonely Planet magazine, you have to add the World Travel Award as Best Adventure Destination 2017. An award that recognizes the virtues of the country as the perfect destination to feel a  Bear Grylls : The Atacama Desert, the Easter Islands and Robinson Crusoe, Patagonia, the Valley of the Moon … Options to spare more than one adventure.


Best Cruise Destination 2017: Jamaica

But if in reality yours is calm and all-inclusive , what better than to sign up for a cruise. And the best option, according to the Oscars of Tourism , is Jamaica. The truth is that most shipping companies have the island country as one of their favorite destinations, with Montego Bay as the main attraction. The truth is that Jamaica has one and a thousand natural attractions that make it one of the most visited destinations in the world.


Best Destination for Weddings 2017: Jamaica

And once in Jamaica … What better to say “yes, I want” ? The country also won the World Travel Awards in the category of Best Destination to Marry in 2017. It is the posture paradise : getting married on a white sand beach with the turquoise blue sea in the background. A photo that any influencer would like to illustrate their wedding: Cornwall Beach and Doctor’s Cave Beach are the preferred places to celebrate it. And they were happy forever …


Best Destination for Honeymoon 2017: Maldives Islands

But maybe Jamaica is not the best destination for a honeymoon … So at the World Travel Awards they have everything in mind. What do you look for in a honeymoon? Tranquility, relax, sun, beach, nature, intimacy … All this is provided by the always magnificent Maldives Islands. An exclusive destination and with which we will forget that we carry the mobile phone (except to take the photo of rigor, of course).

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Best Diving Destination 2017: Maldives Islands

Indeed, we did not leave the Maldives because this wonder of nature has also been chosen as Best Diving Destination 2017. Half (or more) of the Maldivian visitors do it with the intention of discovering its seabed with the snorkel . A flourishing business that will cause more than one ooooh underwater.


Best Destination of Safaris 2017: Kenya

If there is one country that comes to mind when it comes to talking about safaris, it is Kenya , of course. And is that the African country has already won in the category of Best Destination of Safaris in 2013, 2015 and 2016; repeating like this in 2017. The Tsavo National Park, with almost 21,000 square kilometers, is the most visited and known. Perfect to meet the most representative wild animals of Africa: elephants, zebras, hippos, buffalos, giraffes, lions …


Best Eco Destination 2017: Ecuador

As we said before referring to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has been aiming for Eco fashion years and the revenues begin to arrive in the form of recognitions … And visitors, of course. For now,  Ecuador  has been winning the category of Best Eco Destination since 2013. To the beauty of the Galapagos Islands must be added the part of the Andes that runs through the country and the Amazon . A whole country of contrasts with respect for the environment as a leitmotif …


Best Fairs and Events Destination 2017: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai continues to consolidate as a luxury destination but in recent years it has also diversified its offer to attract the ever buoyant congress tourism . Its hotel offer is incomparable and to this we must add the increasingly numerous infrastructures to host fairs and events of all kinds. Nor should we forget the sport and an example is worth it: the Club World Cup of 2017 that is held these days are celebrated in … Indeed, Dubai. The same as in 2018.


Best Retreat 2017: Kora Lake , New York (USA)

Five and a half hours by car from bustling New York is this haven of peace called  Kora Lake, in the state of the same name. The lake is surrounded by several wooden cabins, each with its own jetty, ideal to enjoy a getaway either with family, as a couple or with friends. An idyllic setting in the middle of nature that, truthfully, we are eager to visit.


Best Resort 2017: Forte Village Resort , Sardinia (Italy)

Located among the best hotels in the world (according to several publications and lists) is the impressive Forte Village Resort  of Sardinia. For this hotel, winning the prize for Best Resort in the world is the usual: it has won all the prizes since 1998, the year in which the category was established. And what does this Resort have to earn every year? Well, better say what you do not have, that we almost finished before. The Forte Village Resort even has a football academy sponsored by Chelsea. Getting bored here has no place …


Best Reserve 2017: Shambala Private Reserve (South Africa)

In the middle of the South African savannah is the best natural reserve in the world, according to the Oscars of Tourism : the Shambala Private Reserve has all the comforts and luxuries for the traveler who wants to enjoy a more than exclusive safari. Essential to stay in their huts of luxury in the African style, an experience.


Best Private Island 2017: Thanda Island (Tanzania)

If you have 10,000 Euros left, you have the possibility to reserve (for one night, yes) the private island Thanda, located in Tanzania. And is that visiting the Best Private Island 2017 has a price. The discretion, yes, is assured.


Best Resort on a Private Island 2017: Song Saa Private Island (Cambodia)

But if you do not have so much cash available, you can always stay at the Best Resort on a Private Island in 2017. You will not have so much privacy, but you will enjoy all the comforts of being in a paradisiacal place in every luxury. The private island of  Song Saa  in Cambodia offers several accommodations according to each type of traveler. On one side of the island, 23 private villas at a safe distance from each other … And on the other side of Song Saa, the Royal Villa : over 300 m 2  of space including private pool, kitchen with chef private and twin size beds king size among other luxuries.

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Best Hotel Palacio 2017: San Clemente Palace , Venice (Italy)

The beautiful Italy is imposed in the prestigious category of Best Hotel Palace of the world in 2017 with the impressive Palacio San Clemente. Located on the private island of the same name, in the middle of the Venetian Bay, this palace built on a 12th century church has several attractions … One of them is to cross the waters of Venice in the private boat offered by the hotel to its guests to leave them in the Plaza de San Marcos in just 10 minutes. It’s like being in Venice but not being: privacy and intimacy are the maxims of San Clemente. Not in vain was it a monastery before …


Best Design Hotel 2017: Armani Hotel , Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Little by little, the Arab Emirates consolidate as a tourist destination and offer us more options for leisure, fun … And accommodation. Thus, in the Burj Khalifa of Dubai we find the luxurious Armani Hotel, the first with its name in the world. A design hotel named the best of its category at the Oscars of Tourism 2017. The hotel is located on the first 39 floors of the building, in addition to 700 luxury private apartments (floors 45 to 108), a viewpoint (floor 123) and an observatory (floor 124). Almost nothing.


Best Boutique Hotel 2017: Saxon Hotel Villas and Spa , Johannesburg (South Africa)

What could be better than relaxing after a safari at the impressive  Saxon Hotel Villas and Spa ? The Best Boutique Hotel of 2017 is a wonder located in the heart of Johannesburg (South Africa). Its African-safari decoration will delight the most demanding, in addition to the services it offers. Luxury everywhere that will impress any visitor.


Best Lifestyle Hotel 2017: Hotel Indigo Lower East Side , New York (USA)

As always, New York always has something to say about traveling. The  Hotel Indigo Lower East Side  is the best example that the Big Apple always has something different to offer in each visit. Its pool on the terrace, with incomparable views of the city, is just one of its many attractions. Several bars and restaurants make up the most cosmopolitan offer in the most cosmopolitan city in the world. And that is to say.


Best Hotel-Casino 2017: Wynn Las Vegas (USA)

What better place to enjoy casinos than a hotel in the city ​​of casinos ? Indeed, Las Vegas is still one of the most visited destinations in the world, but there is also room for the most exclusive luxury. The exclusive Hotel Wynn Las Vegas has a full-service spa, several oasis-type swimming pools and luxury signature shops such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Of course, inside you will find a complete casino, with more than 1,800 arcade machines, 26 poker tables, blackjack … Oh, and last but not least, a professional 18-hole golf course.


Best Ice Hotel 2017: Ice Hotel , Jukkasjärvi (Sweden)

No doubt that the closest thing in this world to sleeping beyond the Wall of Game of Thrones is to stay at the simpar Ice Hotel in Sweden. Located on the unpronounceable Jukkasjärvi, on December 15 it will reopen its doors for the new winter season. Weddings, excursions, activities, events … Anything is possible in an incomparable setting in the light of the aurora borealis. Amazing.

Best Shopping Mall 2017: The Dubai Mall , Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Everything is little next to The Dubai Mall, the Best Shopping Center 2017 according to the World Travel Awards. The Oscars of Tourism have awarded, for the second consecutive year, the largest shopping center in the world. A waste of space, with more than 500,000 square meters and more than 1,200 stores. And yes, all the luxury brands that one can imagine …

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