Take the Surname of your Husband: Yes or No?

why i took my husband's last name

Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, but there is a lot to do beforehand. An important question that you have to ask yourself is: do I want his last name or not? In the past, we did not even have women that choice.

Fortunately, we can now decide for ourselves whether we want to keep our own surname. Your last name is something of yours, after all, you have been with you all your life. It can therefore be difficult to distance yourself from that. In this article we will discuss what is the best option for you.


When you marry or register your partnership, you have multiple options when it comes to changing your surname. They are:

  • First the last name of your partner, then your own last name (this applies to both partners)
  • First your own last name and then your partner’s name
  • The last name of your partner instead of your own last name
  • Keep your own last name


Perhaps it has always been your dream to take your husband’s last name. Many women choose to show that they are officially ‘the woman of’. It is a sign of recognition.

After all, your children will also receive his last name later. Taking over the last name of your partner has something romantic. You can also take both surnames, so that you remain recognizable, but still retain the romantic.

Why not?

Some women prefer to keep their own last name because it suits their profession. So if you have a job where your name is really a brand, it may be better to keep your own surname.

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It is also possible that you are the last in your family tree that bears the family name, then you can choose to keep your name so that your family tree does not go wrong.

Some people also find it inferior, because you are not ‘owned’ by someone. Of course it can also be that you simply find the last name of your partner ugly, even then you better choose to keep it yourself.

The choice is always yours. Do what you feel best and do not let others decide what you do with your name.


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