Learning to Love You

Life is not easy. You face challenges each day that pull at the core of your being. People who care deeply about others often neglect themselves and forget that they have needs too. They tend to put their interests and dreams on the back burn in order to fulfill the needs of others. However, when you do this too often you start to lose a piece of yourself each day until you feel that you no longer matter.

Slow Down

People who want to please others first, often feel that they need to do everything. They set the bar too high for themselves. They cook, clean, shop and cater to their loved ones 24-hours a day. This type of pressure placed on one person can end badly. One day they may tire of it and either have an anxiety attack or they will lose their cool. To help combat these feelings, it’s important to know that it’s ok to take a break.

Avoid Self-Destructive Behavior

Whether you know it or not, you are self-destructing. You can only put the needs of others before yours for so long before you crack. When this happens, you are no longer happy. As a result, you may turn to prescription drugs or alcohol just to feel good. Unfortunately, these newly acquired bad habits will now cause even more problems, both mentally and physically. Having an addiction to prescription drugs or alcohol is something that many people can’t end on their own. Thankfully, most states have rehab centers that can provide the environment you need and allow you to experience a complete recovery. For instance, if you live in California, there are many places that offer prescription drug rehab Orange County residents trust to provide specialized and personalized care.

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Getting to the Root of the Problem

People who put the needs of others ahead of themselves feel that it’s the right thing to do, it’s unselfish. However, if you don’t feel fulfilled with your life you will end up resenting others around you. Doing the things you enjoy in rotation with your loved one makes everyone happy.

What Do You Enjoy

It sounds simple enough, right? Well not really. Someone who puts everyone else first often loses interest in everything else. They really don’t have a hobby or have anything, in particular, they want to do. Write down things you did when you were younger, before married life and children. Maybe you liked to take nature walks or sculpt or paint. Or, maybe your passion is caring for plants and animals. Dig deep inside you and find what it is that you enjoy and try to spend even a small amount of time developing your talents.


Pamper Yourself

It’s important to make you feel special because you are. No two humans are exactly alike and so you are a unique individual. Take one day a month and dedicate it to you. Go to the spa and get the royal treatment from your head to your toes, guilt-free. Rent a movie that you love and eat the foods you want. When you give yourself worth you feel good inside and the happiness you experience will allow you to transfer it to loved ones around you.

Losing yourself is something that can happen when you focus on the needs of others ahead of you. While you love your family, you matter too. Find the things that make you happy and then take the time to do them.

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