Know the positive impact of spicy foods on health

Know the positive impact of spicy foods on health


A recent study reveals that people who love spicy food would have lower blood pressure values ​​and would be more sensitive to salty foods.

A new study conducted in China has revealed that people who love spicy foods would consume less salt, would have lower blood pressure values, which would decrease the risk of heart attack.

To carry out this study, they needed the participation of five people during a week. On days when they did not eat spicy foods, they ingested about 13.4 grams of salt per day, but if they decided to consume spicy products, they ingested 10.3 grams of salt per day.

The maximum pressure that indicates the pressure of the blood against the arterial walls when the heart beats, was 8 mmHg lower in people who ate more spicy food than in those who least tolerated that type of food. The minimum pressure that indicates the blood pressure between beats, was 5 mmHg lower in the first than in the second.

“Our study shows that enjoying spicy taste is an important way to reduce salt intake and pressure, regardless of the type or amount of food consumed,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Zhiming Zhu , who is a professor of cardiovascular medicine of the Third Military Medical University of Chongqing , China .

The results of the study were published on October 31 in the journal Hypertension , claim that the spicy could have good results for heart health. That’s because, although current efforts to reduce high blood pressure have caused people to reduce the amount of salt in prepared foods, the discomfort in the body has not been reduced. That is why a new approach may be necessary to move the taste buds away from salt.

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