Did you know that North Korea has its own operating system?

North Korea , among many other feelings, generates a lot of intrigue. For most of us, life within its borders is still a mystery. But, slowly, we get to know more …

The specifications of Red Star OS

The system, which is called  Red Star , is based on  Linux , an open source free software on which hundreds of free operating systems are based, among which is the famous Ubuntu , one of the most used alternatives to Microsoft Windows .

So far there are only 4 versions , although the last one is only used in one of the airlines. In the first 2 versions of the system, the desktop was really similar to Windows. But, with version 3, there was a change of design towards a graphic interface clearly inspired by Mac, Apple’s operating system.

As far as is known, the software installation DVD could be purchased in North Korea with less than a dollar, although the price may have been changing over the years. Probably, if you want to download it, you can find it on the web, although you may only find it in Korean .

But the system does not come alone …  

For those who download this system, Linux should not be an impediment, especially since it has incorporated the famous Wine software . This is one of the most efficient softwares when running Windows programs on Linux and is used by millions of users around the world.

Red Star also has its own built-in browser. Probably, this is the only one that the government allows to use the population. The browser – Naenara – should be good, considering that it is based on the free software of Mozilla Firefox , one of the most popular alternatives to Google Chrome .

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Recall that, in North Korea, the Internet is free, although the government does not allow the population to access almost any website that is not endorsed. But, on the other hand, the North Koreans have a private movie rental service (as if it were Netflix ), in addition to an exclusive social network called Friend , which would be like a primitive substitute for Facebook.

Naenara (the browser) has two search engines, which certainly filter the network to show only those results that the government allows, although there is no confirmation in this regard.

Did you know that North Korea has its own operating system-2

In addition, the operating system has a free text editor , an email client and music and audio playback programs . Oh, and it also brings iconic games from the 20th century, like Solitaire or Minesweeper.

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