How to make decorations for a Christmas tree? Ideas

Macaroni or angels made of ice cream sticks, paper baubles or aromatic dried fruit slices can be an excellent alternative to ready-made decorations purchased in the store. Not only do they often beat them with originality, but they also build a unique Christmas mood, and above all, strengthen family ties. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of Christmas, engage the kids and try to decorate the Christmas tree with hand-made ornaments. It’s much simpler than you think. Here are some inspirations.

Aromatic slices of fruit

For warming something very simple, but appetizing … Beside the balls, candies, bells or angels you can hang slices of dried fruit. Beautifully decorate your Christmas tree. Where to start? Prepare fruit. It’s best to bet on apples and oranges. Cut them into slices about 5-7 mm thick, and then either steep them for ten minutes in lemon juice or just drop them.
If you notice that the slices of fruit are very juicy, lay them out on a paper towel. In the meantime, clean and prepare the grill from the oven. Spread the fruit shepherds on it. To get a beautiful aroma, you can sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon. Just do not overdo it, because they will not look as good as they can.
Put them in an oven set at about 120-130 degrees Celsius. After about an hour, reduce the temperature to about 100 degrees Celsius and keep it still in the oven for about two hours. The best solution would be to use a fruit dryer.
After taking it out of the oven and cooling down, dry the slices with a thread or ribbon. You can also decorate them, sticking to them other dry fruits, cones or showering them with brocade. Finally, hang them on the Christmas tree.

Macaroon angel

A perfect or even heavenly decoration of your Christmas tree can be made from angel noodles. To create it you will need: bow-type pasta, tube-type pasta or elbows, a wooden ball, a halo-circle for example made of a piece of golden paper, angel hair, white paint, colored paints or felt-tips, glitter, glue, pushpin.

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Bow break pasta. (One half is needed to make one angel). Then paint all pasta, pin and wooden ball with white paint. Cover all elements with silver or gold glitter.

When the paint dries, glue the half-broken bow and the whole bow – so that the half is a dress, and the entire bow of the angel’s wing. On the top of the glued bows stick the pasta to the elbows to form the shape of the arms.  Sharpen the tip of the pin in red. Glue it with the blade up between the macaroni arms. Then attach the wooden ball to the latter, which will form the head of the angel. Draw your eyes, face, blushes and glue your hair with eye markers. Finally, place and glue the circle made of golden paper to form a halo.

Paper Baubles Decorations Christmas

Paper-bauble-The.jpgMethod of making paper balls is plenty. For starters, choose one of the simpler ones. What will we need? Prepare: two-sided decorative paper or colored Christmas cards, ribbon, glue, needle, pencil, scissors, glass.


Apply a glass to the decorative paper and draw eight circles, then cut them with scissors. Then prepare a glass vessel with a smaller diameter, for example a glass or a cap, and draw two circles from it.

Attach four large circles to the smaller circle of paper. Do the same with the second smaller circle and the next four larger ones. It’s best to apply a smaller circle to the glue and then stick a larger one onto it.

Then glue the two small circles together and place them with something heavier. Allow the adhesive to dry well for a few minutes. Pierce the ball at the top with a needle, thread it, and then tie it. Then thread the ribbon under the thread where you will hang the Christmas tree bauble. Finished!

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Ice Cream Sticks Christmas Tree

Ice Cream Sticks ChristmasIf you want to make the child a real fun and provide yourself with an original Christmas tree decoration, make an angel with ice cream sticks. You will need to make it: 5 whole ice cream sticks, 2 sticks broken in half – on arms and legs, 1 cardboard circle 2.5 cm in diameter, 1 rectangle from cardboard size 3.5 x 1 cm, glue on hot, scissors, masking tape, double-sided colored paper.


Cut a circle and a rectangle from the cardboard. Put the two sticks on ice cream in half. Connect three sticks with masking tape with each other. Turn them over and put two more sticks in the middle of them. Expand them at the bottom – these sticks will shape the dress of the angel. After laying, stick them with hot glue.

Turn the angel over to the other side and stick to his feet. Till the end of the cardboard rectangle, stick the circle – it will be the head. Attach the other end of the rectangle to the sticks and secure with masking tape. Cut the wings from
the double-sided colored paper and glue them to the back of the angel. Turn it to the right side.
Now it’s time to decorate. Paint an angel dress for the selected color. Make a jabot from the paper napkin and stick it under your neck. Draw the angel’s eyes, cheeks and lips as well.

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