How to Create & Solve Sudoku Quickly

Once you learn how to solve Sudoku, you can try to create your own. But you must know that creating Sudoku be a challenge. If after all you want to try yourself, here are some tips that will present you with a simple way to start working on Sudoku.


Step 1

On a blank sheet of paper draw an empty Sudoku grid, like the one shown in the picture.


Step 2

Start with the first large square and the first small square in it. In the first square, save 1, then jump to the second big square and write in the first small square 2. Do the same with the numbers 3-9. Enter numbers sequentially from left to right.

Step 3

Similarly, enter the numbers in the last small square of all large squares. This time, however, start with the number 2. Enter the numbers one by one, and after the number 9, enter 1 in the last free square.

Step 4

Enter the number 3 in the square just below 1, the number 4 below 2, and continue to the end. Complete all fields in a similar way. You can make a bigger jump than just one digit, thanks to which the fun will be a bit more difficult. Think of it as if you were solving sudoku and be careful not to make a mistake.

Easy Tips to Solve Sudoku Quickly

  • You do not have to start Sudoku from number one, you do not even have to start in the same place, start from the first square.
  • You can also do Sudoku by completing the first row 1-9, the second row 4-9 + 1-3, the third row 7-9 + 1-6, deleting the numbers you want, but sticking to the scheme. In the next section, start with the number 2, and the next one from the number 3.
  • To make Sudoku more difficult, you can change the numbers from which you start as long as you stick to the general scheme.
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