How to Enjoy Disney World – Important Tips

All set to spend the holidays of your life at Disney? Purchased tickets, approved visas and guaranteed tickets? So there’s still a long way to go. Visiting the four Disney World parks in Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom is a task that requires time and preparation so you can enjoy the best of each location within the time available. After all, the complex is literally the size of Manhattan, and every corner hides a secret.

From the best attractions to using your FastPass and not wasting time in the queues, until your food, the coolest part of the preparation is to define your own script. And even, for this reason, Disney provides all the necessary tools so you can schedule your visit in the smallest details.

We separate the main tips so that you face head-on and make the most of your trip until there are no regrets left when you return.

The more the merrier

Tickets to Disney parks are not on sale. And there is no discount if you buy for the whole family. On some days with low demand the price will drop, however, the more tickets you buy on your behalf, the less you will pay on each of them. So if you buy a ticket. paid $ 114 dollars. But if you buy 5 tickets (1 for each park and 1 extra for a new visit at your preferred), you will pay $ 79 dollars in each. It’s basically a park for free! It’s also worth trying to get away from the weekends when prices increase a lot.

What awaits you in each park

It is important to note that each park has its own proposal. The Magic Kingdom will bring your favorite characters to life, rides, and shows geared towards the whole family. Epcot will bring attractions to the world, with pavilions that bring typical foods and scientific tours. Hollywood Studios will bring attractions with the magic of the cinema: shows with pre-set times, parades and movie sets, and Animal Kingdom’s main attraction is a safari. Knowing the parks will help you choose the fast passes and decide which is best for your family.

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Do not forget to bookmark your three Fast Pass

With each ticket purchased you get the right to three free Fast Pass, better known as “fast queue”. While the biggest attractions usually get up to 180 minutes of waiting, with Fast Pass you should not wait more than 20 minutes. It works like this: you choose the time you want to visit the attraction. Within that chosen time, you have up to an hour to use the fast pass or you lose it. After you spend the 3 passes, you can reschedule them if there are tours available. So the idea is to try to score all three for your first few hours in the park and then be able to use them at other attractions. Our tips for each park:

Magic Kingdom: Space Moutain, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, Seve Dwarves, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise.

Epcot: works a little differently. The most popular attractions are split so you can book only one Fast Pass on them. Choose from Frozen, Soarin and Mission Space. The other attractions allow the Fast Pass normally, but, as the park is not so focused on them, is the free choice.

Hollywood Studios: geared more towards shows at fixed times, it is best to book the Fast Pass for tours such as the Tower of Terror, Aerosmith’s Russian Mountain, Star Wars and the toys of the newly opened Toy Story Land.
Animal Kingdom: The Expedition Everest roller coaster and the Avatar-based ride are the best choices for the Fast Pass.

At least two days for the Magic Kingdom

It may not be the largest park in the area, but it is the largest park in attractions and activities. The Disney World entry point features the Cinderella Castle, The Beauty and the Beast, and the resort’s most popular and sought-after tours. So much to see, so many sweets and snacks to try and so many attractions to wait in the line that you definitely will not be able to do in one day. The idea is to organize your Fast Passes well dividing the attractions that will require you more time in the queues between the two days and take advantage of the ones that have less waiting time in the times when they are empty. And yet in two days, you will not be able to enjoy it all.

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Meet the characters

Not all Disney characters are there all the time. They have scheduled times to stroll through the park. If you want to find some specific, look for the times and places where they should circulate. In case of meals with characters, try to schedule and reserve your place to avoid losing the meeting.

Download the Disney app

After purchasing the tickets, the Disney app is the next step in organizing your trip. Extremely practical, it shows the waiting times at each attraction, shows the locations and menus of each restaurant, as well as providing the option of booking and even prepayment of snacks without having to stop in the queues. It provides a digital map of the four parks and, not least, allows you to book your Fast Pass up to 30 days in advance (or 60 days if you stay in a resort). Of course, you can do all this right in the park, too, but that’s not a good idea. The main attractions of each park usually exhaust Fast Pass times quickly.

Check the times of the stops

Throughout the day, Magic Kingdom performs character parades in its central area. Currently, they are Move it! Shake it! Dance and Play It! and Festival of Fantasy. The first is a joke with various characters where visitors can dance and sing with floats. The second is the traditional parade that brings together Disney’s top princesses in incredible floats and versions of theme songs as well as dance and special effects. It is also worth remembering the fireworks and lights show Happily Ever After, the great spectacle that closes with golden key the tour in the Magic Kingdom. The ideal is to try to book a place on the square or in a restaurant with good views of the castle of Cinderella.

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Reserve your food and get out of the queues

The application also allows you to program your food in the places, reserving schedules and avoiding the queer queues that in the high season will waste your valuable time. You can check the menu and check the places with the best ratings. A good option for those who want to enjoy the park still empty is to book breakfast in one of the restaurants that offer the service one hour before opening. So you can enjoy the attractions before queuing and save on the Fast Pass. One of the suggestions is Be Our Guest, the themed restaurant of The Beauty and the Beast. The ambiance is great and re-creates the movie, but the price is a bit salty for the service offered.

Water is free

Two things you do not need to spend in the park if you do not want to drink and food. You can enter any of them with food (do not bring jars or glass bottles). And, if you want ice water, DO NOT BUY. Counter service tents (where you pick up food at the counter) offer ice water free of charge, just ask. Disney offers this service just to keep visitors from becoming dehydrated.

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