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5 Best Selfie Apps for Android

best selfie apps for android

Our New generation totally mad for selfies. Whether it is a picnic spot, a mall, a playground or some other place, wherever you look, it’s nice to pick someone in a selfie. Celebrate or be a player, a leader or a common Read more…

Why should you get a manicure and a pedicure during the winter?

get a manicure and a pedicure

Most women will agree that there is nothing better than being pampered by professionals. No matter what beauty treatment you have, you leave the spa feeling refreshed and looking beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to feel like this? When it comes Read more…

Last-Minute 10 Quick Beauty Tips and Tricks for Holiday Parties

1. Provide red nails and lips Because that immediately makes so much difference. Even when you only have mascara on, red lips immediately give you a festive look. And groomed nails are of course a must during the Christmas dinner. Read more…

Beautiful from Head to Toe: 30 best beauty tips

Beautiful from head to toe: our 30 best beauty tips

Pampering ourselves and making a mess with makeup: we love it. But how do you ensure that your beauty rituals work out a bit well? With these 30 grandiose beauty tips. Every day you go back to that divine body of yours Read more…