Boston, the cultural home of America

In one corner, the accent is British. In the next block, one hears the oriental chattering – even they confuse Japanese, Korean and Chinese. A little more than 100 meters ahead, what one sees is a samba roda sung in Portuguese. This multiculturalism of ethnicities, peoples, and origins adding up give indications that you can only be in one city: Boston, in the United States of America.

Beating the 6 million people, the capital of the state of Massachusetts is in the New England region – from there appear the interferences of the Queen’s Land, ranging from the gastronomy to the class and the punctuality with which the natives program their daily lives.

While presenting itself as a safe environment with a high quality of life for those who seek art, intelligence and culture in one place, Boston is also a great alternative for those in transit. But do not be deceived: although it resembles bucolic cities in Europe, the place reserves an extensive variety of walks for audiences of all tastes, ages and pockets.

Harvard University
Referred to as the most important university in the world, Harvard is just a few miles from Boston in the city of Cambridge. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, which includes names such as Natalie Portman, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and Bill Gates. The university gardens (Harvard Yard) are open for public viewing with free admission. It is still possible to take a guided tour with the students themselves – tickets are purchased at the entrance of the place for values ​​ranging from 5 to 20 dollars. Anyone who wants to extend the visit and enroll in one of the courses can look for previous information at:

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Beacon Hill
The neighborhood situated near the center is renowned for its architectural style with stylish houses and apartments, small cobblestone streets and discreet night lighting. The buildings with the small bricks that follow the English style adorn the charming cafés and restaurants spread across the main streets.

Boston Common
Facing Massachusetts State House, home to the state government, is Boston Common, the region’s premier park. Next to Beacon Hill, the Victorian-styled area is one of the most frequented in summer (where the temperature reaches 30 degrees) and even in winter (when the thermometers usually point to minus 5 degrees).

Public Garden
Since 1861, the Boston Public Garden appears as a continuation of the Boston Common as the sites stand side by side. There it is possible to take a swan-shaped boat trip, relax amidst the flowers of the seasons and walk in the flowerbeds and under the shadows of the trees.

Copley Square
The Back Bay area, one of Boston’s central neighborhoods, is home to Copley Square. The square has around it Trinity Church, a church considered one of the United States national landmarks and also one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Next door is the John Hancock Tower, a 60-story building that contrasts with the antiquity of the neighborhood . Both are open for visitation.
Within walking distance of Copley Square is Newbury Street, the street that houses New England’s largest shops and fine dining restaurants.

Charles River Esplanade
The Charles River is the one that separates Boston from Cambridge, city in which is located the University of Harvard. The park built on its banks, in the Boston area, includes a race track, bike path, snack bars and leisure spaces. All very wooded, so that the climate is pleasant both in the heat of summer and in the cold winter of the region.

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In sports: Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics
New England is also home to some of the largest and oldest sports teams in the United States. New England Patriots, the current champion of the National Football League, is Tom Brady’s club, the husband of Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen – who, by the way, lives in Boston with his family. For those in the area it is still possible to watch a Red Sox baseball game, hockey with the Bruins and the Boston Celtics basketball team.

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