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Pampering ourselves and making a mess with makeup: we love it. But how do you ensure that your beauty rituals work out a bit well? With these 30 grandiose beauty tips.

Every day you go back to that divine body of yours with ointments, brushes and powders. Although you know quite a bit about beauty, you sometimes keep asking questions. That bright red lipstick for example, how do you do it best? And what exactly was it about making your eyes look bigger? Look no further ; everything you need to know is here. Read the following tips for the best care from head to toe!


  1. Prevent getting a bend in your hair through your rubber band? Use a plastic elastic, such as the Invisibobble.
  2. Shiny hairs are guaranteed in the morning when you sleep on a satin pillow.
  3. If your hairs seem to become weak through your conditioner, do not try to apply the conditioner to the hair roots and your scalp.
  4. Are you dark-haired and would you like to bleach your hair naturally? Do not use lemon juice, but chamomile tea. You will not notice a lot of lemon juice, and if it works, it is not good: a dark forest can turn orange.

Eyebrows and eyes

  1. You probably know, but we can not say it often enough: never epilate hairs above your eyebrow. This can make your brows seriously out of model.
  2. Is eyebrow powder or pencil too intense for you? You can use brown shades of eyeshadow to subtly color your eyebrows.
  3. Make big eyes by pulling a line under your eyebrow with a white eyeliner. Follow exactly the shape of your eyebrow. Then wipe the eyeliner out to prevent a white stripe on your head.
  4. By coloring the water line of your eye with nude pencil, you create optically larger eyes.
  5. For a fresher look, subtly apply a light shade of eyeshadow on the inside of your eyelid.
  6. Are not you afraid of some tools around your viewers? Use an eyelash curler to make doll eyes. Hold your eyelashes for about 15 seconds and then apply mascara. Note: never apply mascara before you curl your eyelashes, that does not make things any better. Moreover, you have a chance that your eyelashes break.
  7. For an optimal result of your eyelash curling session, warm your eyelash curler first briefly under your hair dryer. That way your eyelashes curl even better. Warning: let the curler cool down after you have kept it under the hair dryer, otherwise you will not be left with an eyelash.
  8. If you want to apply a second layer of mascara, first put some powder on your eyelashes. This separates them first, preventing you from lashing your eyelashes through a second layer.

Nose and lips

  1. If you are a little bit finished with your big nose, do a foundation on your nostrils that is a shade darker than your own foundation. That way you create shadows that make your nose narrower.
  2. If you do not see it clatter with foundation, you can also make your nose narrower by applying some highlighter to your nose bridge.
  3. Apply red lipstick with a brush; it stays nice and does not crumble from your lips.
  4. Give your lips a shiny effect by putting some eyeshadow on your lipstick.
  5. You can make fuller lips like this: gently scrub your mouth with an old toothbrush. As a result, your lips swell up a little and they turn red. Now apply lipstick and put some highlighter on the middle of your upper lip. To finish it, apply some transparent lip gloss.

Hands, feet and nails

  1. Try to file your nails instead of cutting them. Cutting increases the chance of splitting.
  2. Go one side while filing with your nails. Back-and-forth files can cause cracks in your nail.
  3. The type of file you use depends on the conditions of your nails. Many people use a glass file, but if you do not have such strong nails, then a sand file is more suitable.
  4. Nicely paint your nails? Put some tape on the underside of your nails. This allows you to get the nail polish ‘right’.
  5. You can make your nails look a bit longer by leaving a little of the sides uncoated.
  6. Prevent ingrown toenails by filing your nails straight (and therefore not round).


  1. Dry skin? Prak an avocado, leave the spread on your face for fifteen minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  2. If your skin needs a moisturizer, lubricate Vaseline on your face and sleep with it. No, you do not have to do this every day, because your skin is very hydrated, but Vaseline is a great solvent for ‘in between’.
  3. If you fancy a mask and you use a package from the drug store: use the whole package. So do not apply half of the packaging to the other half. Chances are that bacteria will recover, so that your mask will not be so good on your skin the next time.
  4. You get a clean sheet with a healthy color by taking a change shower every day. Shower first warm, but finish with cold water. This allows your blood vessels and muscles to contract, making your skin tighter and a beautiful, healthy blush.
  5. Do not let your perfume smell properly by just spraying the substance in your neck and on your wrist. Do not forget to spray the perfume on the inside of your knee, behind your ear and on the inside of your elbow.
  6. Would you like to leave your perfume longer? First lubricate some petroleum jelly on the spot where you get your scent.
  7. Finally: did you put up in the bathroom? Logical, but do not forget to also check your make-up in daylight. Your make-up can look very different in that.

What is your ultimate beauty tip?


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