5 Ways to Generate and Create Brilliant Ideas!

Create Brilliant Ideas!

When you don’t have an idea , let alone a brilliant idea , it will definitely be difficult to do something. Plans that previously wanted to be carried out were often hampered because of the clogging of ideas.

Finding one’s own bright ideas is certainly not as easy as it seems, because it takes time and a fresh mind. Meanwhile, without the presence of ideas, it could be that your work becomes incomplete according to deadlines.

Even though it sounds difficult to get a brilliant or brilliant idea, you have to believe that the idea is actually easy to find. For that, for those of you who often have difficulty in getting ideas, there are a number of things below that can actually help you to find a bright idea.

So, no need to worry and dizzy yourself. Here’s how to create a brilliant idea, as quoted from Cermati .com .

1. Know the Challenges being Faced

The first thing you can do to get a good idea is that you have to know what challenges you are facing. Now, this challenge can help you to get a brilliant idea.

The challenge here can mean as a problem being faced. Usually, when someone is overwritten by a problem, he really needs a solution. After thinking about it, even in your mind, something will be sought will appear.

So, with a calm and clear mind, try to contemplate what challenges you are facing. Then, you will be able to find brilliant ideas as a solution to overcome the problem that confronts it.

2. Note immediately the idea that had crossed the mind

The next way you can do is to record immediately what is crossing the mind or mind. For example, when you are engrossed in a leisurely walk in the park or are listening to music, you might just get an idea. When this happens, don’t ignore it, and immediately record the idea on paper or gadget.

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Therefore, when you are traveling, try to always carry a small notebook or anything that can be used to take notes, because brilliant ideas can come anytime and anywhere.

3. Rest first with enough sleep

If your mind is bored, this can make even ideas clog up. The solution is to take a short break with a good night’s sleep. That way, you can let the subconscious control your body and mind.

In fact, a good night’s sleep can also make you momentarily forget the problems that have kept you thinking. Make your mind calm and comfortable with sleep, so that the mind becomes clear again when you wake up. That way, the brilliant idea you’ve been waiting for can certainly be easier to obtain.

4. Ask for the Opinions of People You Trust

Try to arrange time to meet people you trust, such as family, friends or relatives. By chatting and exchanging ideas, this can be the best way to get brilliant new ideas.

If you are usually alone and find it difficult to get ideas, then you need to get out of the house and meet someone you trust to talk. By chatting, you become easily motivated to build new ideas from the conversation.

5. Look for a Supporting Environment

If you usually get ideas from things that smell of technology, like the internet, then now try to change these habits. You can do activities that create a pleasant atmosphere, such as shopping, doing hobbies that you like, walking casually in the park, biking, and others.

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By doing activities that you like, it will certainly create a feeling of pleasure and the mind becomes refreshed. And that can then make you more excited to create great ideas.

Rest assured you are able to produce brilliant ideas

The things that happen in your life are a picture of your mind. Therefore, make yourself to always think about positive things. Imagine yourself having the thing you want most right now, and make sure you are able to create brilliant ideas. After that, you only need to realize the effort and hard work to achieve it.

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