5 fat-burning foods you didn’t know to add your diet!

Ginger tea with honey and lemon on a bamboo napkin.
Do not confuse foods that do not get fat with fat-burning foods. Discover the 5 most effective foods in fat burning and incorporate them into your diet to lose weight.

When you start a diet without medical supervision there is a risk of including foods that we think accelerate more the process of burning fat and promote weight loss , but some who forget this important function are forgotten.

In particular there are 5 very effective fat burning foods but that 60% of slimming diets do not include for lack of information about it.

“We should not confuse foods that do not fatten with other functional and useful for the burning of fats, something that usually happens in a habitual way, since the disinformation or the scarce information causes that the majority of the people who come to consultation are for a or several frustrated diets.There are very effective foods in fat burning that are not included because of ignorance or because there is a certain taboo around them, ” explains Dr. Amaro,

who uses fat-burning foods that are usually the most forgotten or least used in weight-loss diets:

1. The ginger

Ginger is a purifying root and is not a complicated food to find. Its main contribution to the burning or elimination of fats is that it stimulates the metabolism and, by improving digestions, favors that fat loss. It is a very depurative food.

2. The peppers

But not any pepper, they have to be hot peppers . This type of peppers contain capsaicin , a chemical that improves the burning of calories when we are at rest, so that it promotes weight loss. The concept is simple, capsaicin stimulates the part of the brain that controls the temperature of the body and this implies that we consume more energy or pull the reserves we have to raise body temperature.

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3. The avocado

It is false that its fat content is not effective in a diet to lose weight. They are monounsaturated fats, very easy to burn if you exercise. Helps the release of insulin and helps absorb calcium, essential for the loss of fat. Discover here the benefits of avocado oil

4. Celery

It is an important vegetable in fat loss that also has very few calories, just six in a stem, you can find the nutritional information of celery here . Its high fiber content helps increase the feeling of fullness. Regulates metabolic processes, contributing to greater fat loss.

5. The quinoa

Quinoa is high in protein and fiber, and is very rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Ideal for salads, you should always wash it. By using resources to regulate the body’s energy, it is important in fat loss. Do not miss the recipes with quinoa so healthy and delicious that we propose in MujerdeElite to enjoy while you take care of yourself and burn fat.

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