3 Design for a delicious kitchen!

The simple kitchen is as good commodities. It creates the conditions for using details to put a personal touch on your kitchen. Today, many still choose the white kitchen, but gray and black are increasingly seen in Swedish homes. We have looked closer at the three base colors.

White is a safe card – but the details add flavor

A white base gives you the opportunity to add exciting details such as tiles, fittings, mixers, handles and counter tops. Use a wallpaper or dark wall color in the kitchen combined with tiles to embrace a clear art deco trend that will continue in 2018. Or create a bistro feel with larger tiled surfaces and dark wood details. Choose a white allmogel bag for a rural base, a smooth or high gloss hatch for a more modern style or a gap with integrated handle for a minimalist feel.

Brass and gold details make the simplest kitchen super modern and luxurious. Marble is also a beautiful feature to get a luxurious feel.

Gray is great

The gray kitchen has become popular in modern and trendy homes. The details you choose will be crucial to the style you want to create. A gray gap with small fittings versus a gray gap with classic fittings creates two completely different kitchens.

Dare to choose black as the main ingredient

A black kitchen is perfect for those who dare a little more. The graphic, modern and contrast-rich kitchen creates a tougher impression. For those who want to mark the kitchen from the rest of the home, the black kitchen can be an optimal solution. Complete with brass details for a softer impression or with chrome details for a cooler feel.

With a black bass and shades of gray, you get a dramatic scenography in the kitchen that emphasizes the food and activity of the room.

Whether you choose a white, gray or black hatch, it’s free to add stylish and silent ingredients, which are creamy to the mash for your new kitchen.

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